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Hi, I'm Simone, your Social Butterfly. I started my love affair with events at Georgia Institute of Technology producing corporate and educational events for faculty and students. My formal background in organizational development and logistics management has made me  an expert in venue management, vendor relations and event execution, however truth be told, I am a ball of excitement when it comes to all things wedding related.


I have two special guys in my life, one whom I refer to as Big MJ and then there is the little love of my life whom I refer to as little MJ.  I love all things pink, and sparkly, and did I mention that I am a little "Homegoods" obsessed. I love home decor and styling, so when Im not grabbing my next Latte, or helping a bride down the aisle, I'm usually joyfully walking the aisle of a decor store and looking for my next fabulous find.  

Fun Facts:

  • I Love mirrored furniture

  • I was born and raised in The Caribbeans, St. Maarten to be exact.

  • I once had a fish named Turkey, I kid you not.